Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative summer coming to a close.

This piece I painted live at the Fifth Element Sidewalk Sale.
I decided to go off a drawing I had previously done for a zine.
Worked out pretty well. Slug of Atmosphere liked it so much
he bought it off me.

Monday night live painting sessions at the Honey Bar in NE Minneapolis


  1. OH MY GOD.
    Andres. The technique on that man with the waxy yellow skin holding the ice cream is so delicate and beautiful, but the image is one of the most revolting things that I have ever seen. His left nipple practically jumps out and stabs me in the eye! You're onto something here; I love it.
    This is why we have to trade sketches for line work--I'll show you some EXTRA delicate shit on your most foul pieces.

  2. Ha, sweet. The yellow guy is my favorite.

  3. this stuff is very very impressive brohamulator

  4. whoa!!! Where's the wall piece?