Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mosquito Page

Page for children's book.
Not a single hint the amount of time this took
was even recognized.


  1. You're an artist. Your time doesn't deserve to be compensated or acknowledged. Duh.

  2. Some people tut tut, Looks sweet bro. Heres a thought could you some how ask the person your co working with on this book if you can sell that or include it with the book as a limited edition book with that image as a bonus print or something?

  3. Unless you're already very damn expensive, you should double your rates on the next project (at least for this client) just for having to tolerate shit like that. A good rule of thumb is to raise your rates for commercial work everytime the commercial world treats you or your work shittily. You will still keep getting work- better work, probably - and you'll never feel trod upon.

    That's an amazing page and it's sad kids won't see it.